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House Property

Rental income

Please upload the documents related to your House property income here (like interest certificate,rental agreement, Municipal tax receipt etc)

Property Address

Please provide the address of all the properties on which you have taken home loan are were rented during the concerned the year.

Municipal tax

"Please provide the amount of taxes you have paid for your house property during the year to the municipality of your area. Incase you have paid any taxes abroad for the foreign properties the same can also be claimed"

Tenant name

Incase of multiple tenant please use comma

Home Loan interest

Please provide the amount of interest you have paid during the year in this section. Incase you want to claim any pre construction interest please communicate the same to your relationship manager

Joint owner

Please provide the name and percentage of all the joint owners of the property

Arrears of Rent

Incase you have received any amount of rent which relates to a previous year, please provide the amount in this section after reducing 30% from the same.