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Other Income

OS, Other income

Incase you are unsure about the use/application of the document, you can simply upload here. Our team will go through the same and will get back to you incase of queries

Saving Bank, bank interest, 80TTA

The savings bank account (like salary accounts or any other SB account etc) in India usually credit interest at regular intervals. This interest is liable to tax in India and needs to be reported in your India tax return. You can avail a deduction upto INR 10,000 for the interest you have received from your saving bank. Accordingly we request you to input the amount of saving bank interest you have earned during the year. In addition to interest from savings bank account, any interest from Fixed/ term deposits, post office savings account is also liable to tax in India

OS, Other income

You can upload Bank account statement from all the bank accounts, Term/ fixed deposit receipts, PPF passbook etc. Please note that we shall only consider the information provided in the above sections in preparation of your India tax return. The documents uploaded would be for your future reference only and we shall not verify the same

Fixed Deposit, FD income, Deposit interest

Income from other sources can be offered to tax in India either on cash basis (when the deposit matures) or accrual basis (interest earned which may or not may be credited). This needs to be followed on a consistent basis year on year. If your deposits are yet to mature and you are unsure about interest you have earned during the year.You can contact your Bank for interest certificate or consider the amount from Form 26AS.


Incase you have earned any dividend from shares or mutual funds, please provide the total amount in this section.

Agriculture Income

Please provide the amount of agriculture income earned by you during the year above Rs. 5000.

Minor Income

Clubbing of income means income of other person included in assessee’s total income, for example: Income of husband which is shown to be the income of his wife is clubbed in the income of husband and is taxable in the hands of the husband If there is any income which is required to clubbed in your income, please provide the amount here. If you are unsure about these incomes you can contact your relationship manager. Please note that interest income upto INR 1500 from minor child is not chargeable to tax